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New on MyDP&L

DP&L recently introduced new and improved Moving Service Requests! Existing customers can request Stop and Transfer service orders online, which makes this step in the moving process easier for customers. 

Take control of your account online

Create a MyDP&L profile to manage your account online on any device. Your MyDP&L profile will give you access to:

  • View and pay your DP&L bill
  • Enroll in billing and payment programs like E-Bill, Budget Billing and Pay Agreements
  • Request Moving service changes
  • View up to 24 months of billing, payment and usage
  • Manage multiple service accounts on a single profile
  • Manage your Electric Choice options

It's easy to create a MyDP&L profile, you just need your account number and zip code to sign up!


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Frequently Asked Questions

MyDP&L Profile Questions

Do I have to sign up to receive my bills via email to create a MyDP&L profile?

No. Signing up for MyDP&L does not enroll you in DP&L's E-Bill service to receive your bills electronically. You will have the ability to view your bills online with your MyDP&L profile, but will not stop receiving paper bills in the mail unless you sign up for E-Bill.

It says my service account is already assigned to a MyDP&L profile. What should I do?

If you have a joint account with a spouse, friend or family member, check with that person to see if he/she already created a MyDP&L profile. A DP&L service account can only be associated with one MyDP&L profile.

If your other authorized user did not create a MyDP&L profile for your service account, please call our Customer Solutions Center at 800-433-8500.

Can I add more than one DP&L service account to my MyDP&L profile?

Yes. Once you complete the process of creating your MyDP&L profile, you will have the option to add another DP&L account to your profile. You can add or remove DP&L accounts from your profile under Manage Profile once you’re logged into MyDP&L. Removing a DP&L account from your MyDP&L profile will not stop service at that address. 

Can two people add a single DP&L account to their MyDP&L profiles?

No, a DP&L service account may only be added to one MyDP&L profile.