Budget Billing

Get rid of summer and winter peaks in your bill and gain the stability of paying the same amount each month. Your unique Budget Billing amount is based on your historical usage and may be periodically adjusted to reflect abnormal weather conditions or changes in your usage patterns.

All customers who are current on their payments are eligible. Sign into MyDP&L to see your monthly budget payment amount and sign up for Budget Billing. 

Learn more about Budget Billing.

Pay Agreements

If you have a past due balance, we offer Pay Agreements to help you get caught up. We offer three different types of agreements to customers. Select the button below to sign into MyDP&L. Once you're logged in you'll see if you're eligible and will be presented wiht your Pay Agreement options. Or, give us a call at 800-433-8500 to see which plan(s) you're eligible for. Select 2 for Billing & Payments.

Pay Agreement types: 

  • 1/6 Pay Agreement: We'll divide your past due balance over your next 6 bills and add it to your regular monthly payments. Your balance will be paid upon completion of the Pay Agreement.
  • 1/9 Pay Agreement: We'll divide your past due balance in 9 equal payments, and add that to our estimate of your next 9 bills to calculate 9 equal monthly payments. Since we're estimating your monthly bill amount, it's possible that you may have a credit or balance remaining after your Pay Agreement is complete. This amount will be appiled to the next bill following completion of your Pay Agreement.
  • Winter Heating Plan: Available to DP&L customers for bills that include usage from November 1 through April 15. During this time, you may avoid disconnection by paying 1/3 of your balance due to DP&L each month. Upon completion of your Winter Heating Plan you can enter into another Pay Agreement to pay off your remaining balance.

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For residential customers only.

Notify Friend or Relative

You may arrange for a third party (friend, relative, minister, organization, etc.) to be notified if your household faces loss of service. Both you and the designated third party will be sent notification.

Medical Need

If a permanent member of your household receives care for a serious medical condition, and you need help paying your energy bill, you may qualify for special assistance. A licensed physician, physician assistant, clinical nurse specialist, certified nurse practitioner, certified nurse-midwife, or local board of health physician must certify the condition or the need for medical or life-supporting equipment to DP&L. We can defer payment for 30-90 days per household, per year.

State of Ohio

The State of Ohio offers additional help for Residential Customers.