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    Sign into your MyDP&L profile to pay your bill online from your bank account or with a credit/debit card. $1.95 service fee applies to card payments.

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  • Checking or Savings Account

    Make a one-time payment without signing in with KUBRA EZ-PAY®. No service fee.

    Pay with Bank Account

    Or, call 888-978-0827

  • Credit or Debit Card

    Make a one-time payment without signing in with KUBRA EZ-PAY. $1.95 service fee applies, $10,000 limit.

    Pay with Card

    Or, call 888-978-0828

  • Automatic Payments More Info

    Have your amount due automatically withdrawn from your bank account.

    Enroll Online with
    DP&L E-Bill

    Or, download this form to enroll by mail.

  • Mail

    To pay by mail, please detach your payment stub and mail your payment to:

    Bill Payments
    Dayton Power & Light
    P.O. Box 740598
    Cincinnati, OH 45274-0598

  • Pay-in-Person more info

    Find an authorized pay agent near you. $1.50 service fee applies.

Pay Online or Over the Phone with Kubra EZ-Pay

Pay your bill over the phone or online with Kubra EZ-Pay 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Kubra assesses a $1.95 service fee for credit and debit card payments; DP&L does not benefit from this fee. Free payments can be made using your checking or savings account. If you have questions about using Kubra's online payment portal, please see Kubra's Frequently Asked Questions

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Automatic Payments

Set it and forget it! Avoid the stress of late or missed payments by setting up automatic payments from your bank account. Once a month your bill amount will be automatically withdrawn on the due date.

DP&L offers two options for automatic payments:

  • Customers who receive paper bills: Download this form, complete it and mail it back to us.
  • Customers on DP&L E-Bill: Sign up online. You'll need to sign into your MyDP&L profile. If you're not enrolled in DP&L E-Bill, you'll need to sign up for E-Bill first, then enroll in automatic payments.

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