⚠️ Construction Alert - Delays due to Hurricane Irma

In the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma, DP&L deployed many of our line technicians and construction crews to assist in restoring electricity to customers in Florida. As a result of limited resources, delays in construction of new DP&L facilities will occur. We anticipate our crews will return at the end of September and will immediately resume construction work. 

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding during this national emergency.


Construction Center

Let us help you navigate your construction project. Select the option below that best fits your project description.

house icon

New Residential Service
You're building a new home.


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New Business /
Non-Residential Service

You're building a new non-residential structure. For example: office, store front, barn, etc.

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Temporary Service
You need electrical service during construction.

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Upgrade Residential Service
If you are making upgrades or changes to your home service size and/or location, no form is needed. Call 800-424-5578 to get started. 

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Upgrade Non-Residential Service
You're upgrading or making changes to your non-residential service size and/or location.

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Plat Packet
If you are a developer preparing for a new residential development.

If you are unsure which construction form is right for you, our Construction Control Center (CCC) is here to help. Send our professionals an email, or call 800-424-5578 with questions. Additional help can be found in our Construction Frequently Asked Questions. 

Other Forms

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Outdoor Lighting
If you would like to have DP&L install outdoor lights at your home or business. All outdoor lighting uses LED fixtures.

arc flash

Arc Flash
If you are in need of detailed fault current and arc flash information about your service.

How to Submit a Request

  • Get Adobe Acrobat ReaderDownload and save the PDF application. For best results, open the PDF in Adobe Reader - instead of your web browser - to fill out, print and save your application.
  • Email us OR
  • Mail completed forms to the mailing address listed on each form. Please include an email address on your form for the most timely response.

What Happens Next?

There are 4 primary steps in our construction process: Intake, Design, Invoicing and Construction. DP&L will be in communication with you during each step. 

  1. Intake: our CCC will process your application and provide acknowledgement of receipt by email (if provided) or mail. If a security deposit is required, the CCC will also issue notice of the deposit shortly after intake.
  2. Design: the project will be assigned to a DP&L engineer to be designed. You or your electrician will be contacted during this step. Design time is dependent on workload in teh engineering department, job complexity and customer responsiveness.
  3. Invoicing: any one-time charges ("aid-to-construction fees") will be invoiced to you by mail or email if an address is provided.
  4. Construction: once payment is received, along with any necessary agreements/documents and inspections, the project will be released for construction. Please work with the assigned DP&L Project Manager for scheduling and coordination. Construction typically begins 3-4 weeks after payment and documentation is received.

If you have questions on the status of your request, please contact our Construction Control Center Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. at 937-331-4860 or 800-424-5578 or send us an email.

DP&L Service Requirements

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Electric Service Handbook

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Meter Socket List

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Installing Renewable Energy

New Construction Rebates

DP&L offers business and government customers incentives for surpassing standard building codes and reducing the amount of energy that a completed new construction project or major addition would use.

Learn more about DP&L's New Construction energy efficiency rebates. 

Safety Tips

Call Before You Dig
Call the Ohio Utility Protection Service (OUPS) at 800-362-2764 at least 2 business days before you start any kind of digging or construction on your property. OUPS will mark the location of underground utility lines for you.

Minimum Approach Distance
Keep all construction equipment at least 10 feet away from overhead power lines at all times.

Downed Power Lines
Assume downed lines are energized and stay away. Learn more.