Review what damages DP&L will not cover.

See the list of non-covered damages.

Print, complete and sign a claim form.

The form must be signed by the person filing the claim. Include supporting documents, such as sales receipts, estimates, and invoices when submitting a claim for more than $50. Download the form.

Mail or fax the claim form to:

The Dayton Power and Light Company
Attn: Claims Administration
P.O. Box 341088
Dayton, OH 45434


Fax Number: 937-259-7178


Upon receipt of your signed claim, a DP&L representative will contact you in writing or by phone. If a claim is denied, a reason will be provided.


Email us questions or contact Claims Administration at 937-259-7102.

Please note, if you feel you have suffered a loss related to:

  • Tree Trimming: Call Line Clearance 888-582-3213
  • Disconnecting or Reconnecting Service: Call Customer Service 800-433-8500