To provide our customers with safe and reliable electricity, DP&L performs regular maintenance on the system each year. Whether it’s trimming tree limbs to keep them away from power lines or replacing poles or lines, our crews perform thousands of hours of maintenance each year to reduce the number of power outages experienced by our customers.

From time to time, completing that maintenance may require DP&L to temporarily turn off your electric service so our crews can safely replace equipment to “harden the system” or make needed repairs that will reduce outages. Crews work as safely and quickly as possible to make the needed repairs during scheduled maintenance work. Scheduled maintenance usually affects as small an area as possible, but we understand it can be an inconvenience.

Here are some frequently asked questions.

How will I know if my power will be out for scheduled maintenance?

If maintenance is planned in an area that will affect your home or business, DP&L will typically notify you at least 48 hours before the work begins. Crews prepare for planned maintenance equipped with the parts and equipment they will need. But unexpected situations may occur during the repairs that require additional work, and we appreciate your patience if that extends the length of the outage.

If DP&L needs to do emergency maintenance to equipment to prevent what could be an even longer outage, you may be notified of a planned outage happening within 30 minutes.

How will I be notified?

Typically, you will receive a phone call. It’s important you make sure DP&L has your most up-to-date contact information. DP&L linemen or contractors may also knock on your door the day before an outage or the morning of a planned afternoon outage to notify you for small planned outages (10 customers or less).

PLEASE NOTE: If you have opted out of One Call Now Notifications, you will no longer receive a phone notification.

Is there anything I can do to prepare for the outage?

DP&L will work with customers if someone is in the middle of an activity that requires electricity to complete, such as baking, etc. Please delay activities that use electric appliances or equipment until later in the day or the next day. Please make sure appliances are not turned on during the outage, so that when power is restored your home is safe from accidental fires. If your water is supplied by a pump that requires electricity, you may want to store some water ahead of time for limited use during the scheduled outage. 

What factors could affect the scheduled maintenance?

DP&L continuously monitors the weather. If a storm is approaching, DP&L cancels planned maintenance to allow our crews to be ready to respond to any outages caused by the weather. Maintenance may also be postponed during extreme temperatures, such as a summer heat wave, that could put a strain on the system. Planned maintenance may also be affected by requests from local governments or traffic issues caused by roadwork.

DP&L tries to inform customers in advance about changes in planned maintenance schedules; however, unforeseen circumstances could also result in last-minute cancellations. DP&L will try to notify you when the maintenance has been re-scheduled.

If you have questions about scheduled maintenance, please call 800-433-8500 for residential customers and 800-253-5801 for business customers.