Overhead Wires

When planning your landscaping, consider how tall and wide any trees and other plants will be when they reach maturity. By planting tall trees away from power lines, this will reduce the amount of trimming needed. All vegetation, including low plants like flowers and bushes, must be kept a minimum of 10 feet away from any pole or other DP&L equipment.

The diagram below provides general guidelines for plant height and distance from power lines.

safe planting zones

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Underground Lines

In neighborhoods where power lines are located underground, transformers and other above-ground equipment are used to connect service. These facilities require periodic maintenance and access to restore service during outages.

A 10-foot clearance is required from the front of the equipment and a 3-foot clearance is needed around the back and the sides. Please plan your landscaping with these clearances in mind. Be sure to consider how much the landscaping will spread as it matures. We must trim or remove vegetation or structures that encroach on these clearances.

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Call Before You Dig

811 know what's below call before you digKnow where electrical, gas and other utility lines are. Call the Ohio Utility Protection Service (OUPS) at 800-362-2764 at least 2 business days before you start any kind of digging or construction on your property. OUPS will mark the location of underground utility lines for you. If you do not complete your digging or construction project within 10 business days after the initial marking, you will need to call back to have the utility lines remarked for verification.


right tree right place