DP&L customers who plant landscaping or build decks too close to DP&L meters and equipment are causing potential safety hazards and making it difficult to maintain the meters, lines and other equipment. DP&L must be able to read, remove/install and test our meters, as well as work on the electrical wires. In an emergency, such as a fire, DP&L may have to remove the meter.

Electrical Meter Clearance

Customers must ensure the meter is easily accessible – at a minimum of 36 inches in front and six inches to the top and sides.


 home meter clearance


Here are some examples of meters that are difficult for DP&L to maintain:

birdhouse meter  squeezed meter

Transformers and Other Equipment

If you have a DP&L transformer or other equipment on your property, DP&L must have easy access to ensure reliable and safe service for our customers.

Keep walkways and work areas clear – a recommended 10 feet in front, three feet to the sides and rear and 25 feet above the piece of equipment - so that our crews can safely work on the equipment.

 service zone around pad mounted transformer

Plants, fences, decks or other structures within the service area zone may have to be removed if crews need access to our equipment. DP&L is not liable for damage to plants or other property prohibiting safe access to our equipment.

Here are some examples of landscaping or fences blocking access to transformers and other equipment.



right tree right place