Risk of Death

Stealing or tampering with any type of DP&L electrical equipment or service can be fatal. At a substation, for example, a jolt of 138,000 volts is far beyond the 120 volt shock you’d receive from an electrical outlet at home. That’s why it is extremely dangerous, even deadly, to try to steal wire from our substations. Not only can the person stealing the wires be put in danger, but so can our employees. Stealing the protective grounds from substation equipment compromises the reliability of the electric system and can result in large scale, extended outages.

Thieves have been seriously injured and killed removing copper wire. Even those taking wire from abandoned homes have been injured when they thought the electricity was turned off, but wasn’t.

For everyone’s safety, we always instruct people to stay away from our property and equipment, and we post warning signs alerting them to the dangers.

You Could Go to Jail

We immediately report thefts to law enforcement. Copper thefts are taken very seriously. Stealing copper wire can mean up to 3 years in jail and up to a $7,500 fine.

Other Problems

Tampering with DP&L equipment cannot only hurt you; it can cause electrical outages and could impact future electric rates for all customers. On average, it costs DP&L $7,000 to repair damage from each copper theft.

Fighting Back

We’re fighting copper theft to keep everyone safe and control costs for our customers. DP&L is…

  • Deploying new security technology around its substations
  • Patrolling substations for break-ins
  • Actively working with law enforcement to catch and prosecute these criminals

You Can Help - Report Suspicious Activity & Thefts

We ask that anyone who sees suspicious activity at a substation or suspects theft of electrical equipment or service, please contact local law enforcement (911) and DP&L (email or call 800-433-8500).