We know how important your pet is to you. Many DP&L employees are big animal lovers and DP&L is a supporter of the Humane Society, which works to protect animals. So we understand it is important to keep your entire family, including your pets, safe when we are working at or near your home.

The most common pets DP&L employees interact with are dogs, and we want you to know how we work to keep them safe and how you can help.

What You Can Do to Keep Your Dog(s) Safe

Keep it inside when we’re at your home.

The best thing you can do is keep your dog(s) indoors when you know work will be done at your home, including during your monthly meter reading. You can find the date of your next meter reading printed right on your bill. If your dog(s) must be outside on that date, please ensure they are secured safely away from the areas DP&L employees will need to access. Also, please check your backyard before letting your dog(s) outside, in case a worker is already there.

Notify us when you purchase a new dog.

Send us an email to let us know when you have purchased a dog, even if we were already aware you had one. Our employees will be extra cautious entering your yard when they know you have a dog and will not enter if we know that you have multiple dogs.

See if you are eligible for an automated meter to reduce the need for employees to enter your yard.

Send us an email to see if your meter can be upgraded.

What DP&L Does to Keep Your Dog(s) Safe

Our employees who enter your yard, such as meter readers, work hard to keep your pets and themselves safe.

  1. They attend dog safety training when they are first hired and periodically throughout the year.
  2. They are instructed to look for signs that a dog may be present and to take certain precautions to reduce the likelihood of a negative encounter.
  3. They evaluate whether a chain or rope is able to hold the dog.
  4. They are instructed not to pet your dog.
  5. They do not turn their back to a dog nor corner a dog.
  6. They are trained to recognize aggressive or fearful behavior.
  7. They will not enter a yard if you have multiple or aggressive dogs, or if you are present in the yard with the dog(s). If this describes your home, you are eligible for a free, automated meter that will allow DP&L personnel to obtain actual readings without entering your home or business. Contact us to see if you qualify for an automated meter to provide better safety for your dog and our employees.