All DP&L customers can take advantage of net metering.


To be eligible for net metering, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a DP&L customer;
  • Use a renewable resource (solar, wind, biomass, landfill gas, or hydropower) or use a microturbine (combustion turbine) or a fuel cell;
  • Have the equipment located on your property;
  • Have your system prepared to interconnect “in parallel” with DP&L (an electrician can assist you with this) and
  • Intend primarily to offset part or all of your electricity requirements without the intention of generating excessive power.

Before You Install

There are safety and economic issues to consider before you install a generating device. The following are things to consider and steps to make sure you meet eligibility requirements as well as to keep you and your family/neighbors safe.

  • Zoning - Check with your local governmental agency on ordinances for zoning.
  • Get a Qualified Contractor - Use a contractor that has North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners certification.
  • Sizing - Assuring your generating equipment is sized appropriately is very important to ensure the safety and reliability of the electric system. Consult with an engineer, electrician or other qualified person for help.
  • Economic Considerations - Installing equipment to generate power at your home or business can be expensive and is a long-term investment. Review all the economic impacts to make certain your expectations will be met.
  • Inspections - Plan to have your installation inspected by the local authority that has jurisdiction for construction in your area. A building permit prior to construction may be required.

Application Steps

  1. Considerations - Review the considerations listed above and call 800-253-5801 or email us before you install the equipment to make sure your sizing and other requirements are met.
  2. Apply - Review DP&L’s “Getting Started Resources” at the bottom of the page and complete the appropriate Interconnection Application based on the capacity of your equipment.*
  3. Review - DP&L will confirm receipt of your application within 3 business days. We will notify you within 10 business days if your application is missing information.
  4. Approval - You will receive approval or rejection of your application within 4 weeks of submitting your application to DP&L. Once your Interconnection Application is approved and the equipment is close to being installed, DP&L will write up the Interconnection Agreement (within 5 business days of approval).
  5. Sign the Agreement - You have 30 days to sign and return the Interconnection Agreement. After both parties have signed the Agreement, your equipment will be inspected and your meter will be exchanged. – DP&L will provide and install your new, required net meter and send an invoice to your location. The one-time invoice will be separate from your monthly bill.
  6. Install - Arrange for the renewable generating equipment to be installed.

* If you already have generating equipment installed at your home but do not have a net metering agreement with DP&L, please fill out the application form based on the capacity of your equipment.

Selling Electricity to DP&L

Net metering is intended to help customers offset their monthly bill. Your net meter will measure how much power your location produces and consumes. If you produce more power than you use in a certain month, you will receive a credit from DP&L. For example, if you consume 100 kilowatt-hours (kWh) and you produce 110 kWh, you will receive a credit for the excess 10 kWh on your next month’s bill.

Net metering is not intended for customers to sell power to DP&L for profit. DP&L will not approve net metering applications where the expected power production far exceeds the customer’s electrical requirements. If you would like to sell power as an Independent Power Producer, please email us for guidance.

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

When a renewable energy generator produces one megawatt-hour of electricity that is certified and sold into the electricity market, it produces one renewable energy credit or REC. Apply to sell your RECs to DP&L.

More Information

Getting Started Resources

Many customers will require the assistance of an engineer or consultant to determine if it is in their best interest to install renewable energy. However, below are a few resources that you or your engineer may find helpful.

Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency

If you have additional net metering questions, please email us.