DP&L wants to help you save energy and money by educating you on how your home uses energy.

home energy use piechart

This pie chart is a great start. You will see this pie chart throughout our energy saving tips pages to indicate which piece of your "energy usage pie" you could reduce if you follow our tips.


Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

  • Top 10 Tips to Save Energy in Your Home

    The best ways you can save on your home electric bill throughout the year.

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  • Cold Weather Tips

    Cold Weather Tips

    Stay warm and save money with DP&L's cold weather energy saving tips.

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  • Hot Weather Tips

    Hot Weather Tips

    Hot weather doesn't have to mean a big bill. Stay cool for less with our tips to save energy in hot weather.

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  • Water Heating Tips

    Water Heating Tips

    Your water heater is the second highest energy user in your home. DP&L has tips to help you save energy and water.

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  • Appliance Tips

    Appliance Tips

    Home appliances are used year-round, so be sure you're being as efficient as possible with these energy saving tips.

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  • Lighting Tips

    Lighting Tips

    Saving energy can be as easy as changing a light bulb.

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  • Electronics Tips

    Electronics Tips

    The energy used by home electronics left on or in standby mode can add up on your energy bill.

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  • Weatherization Tips

    Weatherization Tips

    Many DIY projects can help you save energy at home.

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  • Other Energy Savers

    Other Energy Savers

    We have a few extra tips to help you save energy at home.

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