Heating & Cooling System Rebates for Your Home

The greatest potential for saving money comes from reducing home heating and cooling costs. In fact, heating and cooling account for almost half of your energy usage. That leaves a lot of room for saving money, especially if you take advantage of DP&L's energy efficient heating and cooling system rebates.

Whether your system is old and needs to be replaced or you want to upgrade, DP&L can offset the cost by $100 - $1,000, without the need for you to do any paperwork. Plus, a new system can save you about $150 in energy costs each year.

If you pair the installation of your new system with a Wi-Fi eneabled thermostat, you can get an additional $20 - $30 rebate. When used to help control heating and cooling costs, a simple $50 Wi-Fi thermostat can pay for itself in energy savings in less than a year.

Here's how DP&L's rebates work:

  • After you purchase your new system, your participating contractor will complete the installation and submit your rebate application to DP&L for you.
  • That means no paperwork for you and we'll mail you a rebate check directly to your home.
  • Customers are eligible for rebates on qualifying energy-efficient heating and cooling systems.

Page last updated: January 1, 2017.